ROYAL VVNH / Netherlands Timber Trade Association

The Royal Association of Dutch Timber Companies, Koninklijke Vereniging Van Nederlandse Houtondernemingen (VVNH) is the umbrella employers' organization of wholesale companies in wood and panels.

The majority of the employees in the sector work for the VVNH members and the majority of the wood and panels consumed in the Netherlands is imported and traded by members of the VVNH. With this, the VVNH represents the timber trade sector in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Associations representing related sector segments are affiliated to the VVNH as special members: the Dutch Association of Wood Agents (NATA), the General Association of Inland Timber (AVIH), the Association of Wood Dryers (VvH) and the Association of Importing Wholesalers in Wood (VIGH) . The VVNH is an entrepreneurial organization member of the Dutch Association of Wholesalers (NVG) and therefore associated with the VNO/NCW. Due to the global trade in timber and its origin, the VVNH is a member of and actively involved in the following international organizations:

  • European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF).
  • Confédération Européenne des Industries du Bois (CEI-Bois).