France's timber industry association Le Commerce du Bois (LCB) was founded in 2000, bringing together companies specialising in timber and by-product distribution.

LCB encompasses several major professional groups within the sector; importers, including planed product manufacturers, timber merchants and agents.  Its membership are the driving force of the French forestry and timber sectors, comprising a total of 160 companies, which, between them employ 4000 people and turnover €3 billion a year. They supply a wide range of products, from raw material from a variety of species and origins, to further processed products, such as planed timber, glulam, panels products and building solutions and systems. Their activities are certified to industry standards to ensure quality and service to the client.

The LCB's strategy has several key objectives. One is to promote a responsible procurement policy across the French industry through its environmental charter. This covers sales activities as well as purchase and has been compulsory for members since 2011.
A central role is also to develop sales and expand the use of timber of timber and wood products as the environmentally friendly building materials. It puts over the message through a bimonthly review, CD roms and its website,  www.lecommercedubois.fr.

LCB is also undertaking several action programmes to ensure the industry meets market requirements. These cover ; “Tropical and American hardwood”, “Softwood”, “Panels”, “Planed products”, “Environmental Charter” and “Communication and certification”. Significant feedback has already been received from public authorities, policy-makers and industry organisations in France and abroad.

LCB also works with major international bodies making decisions on timber distribution.